Meal Delivery- for FOUR



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Highland Homemade Meals (Tues)  

1.)   Order due date

  1. Orders are due by Friday at noon the week before –
  2. If you miss the deadline, feel free to reach out. I may not placed my ingredient order yet, or may be able to still fit you in.

2.)   Place your order directly with Claire (see example order at end of the email)

  1. You can call or email Claire
  2. Please specify at that time if you are doing a drive by pick up or need a porch drop off (Monterey only)


3.)   Special Dietary Needs

  1. Please note that each mealhas a number of dietary options denoted next to dish description. If you have a dietary preference please contact me so we can discuss needs.

V= Vegetarian  VE= Vegan DF= Dairy Free GF=Gluten Free

  1. You will need to confirm when you place your order which option is your preference. 

4.)   Pick-up or Delivery.

  1. Once mealorders have been placed, you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. I deliver IN MONTEREY TOWN LIMITS only with hot meals between the times of 5p-6p. I will text you before I drop off on your porch.
  3. If drive by pick up, you will need to let me know an approximate time. I will bring your food out to you.
    d. It is your responsibility to pick up or make arrangements for someone else to pick up your order
  4. (Please see COVID-19 updates)

5.)   Payment

  1. A meal for a family of 4 is $25 per meal. A family of 2 is $15. A single meal is $8.  You can pay via check, credit, cash or paypal.
  2. Payment is due on receipt of meals
  3. I cannot accept any last minute cancellations. All meals ordered MUST be paid for.

Meals are made fresh, never frozen.

To manage orders and choose meals each week, please email Claire Sax. Deadline is Friday at 12:00 pm EST.

 I’d like to order a meal for 4 CHINESE CHICKEN STIR FRY made Dairy Free.  I will pick this up at your shop.  My cellphone number is XXX-XXX-xxxX.

I will pay via check, cash, or card at pick up.


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