Not every occasion calls for a full cake…sometimes a little box of cookies arriving on the doorstep of someone you care for is the perfect gift.

Cookies can be custom made for any event- birthdays, holidays, showers, client thank you’s, weddings and even memorial cookies. 

For all examples of my work please visit my instagram page or Facebook page:  @clairescakeco


1) Can you ship cookies? 
Yes! I can ship cookies anywhere in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska!). The shipping cost will be added in to your total amount. 

2) Do you pre make cookies, freeze them and then ship them?
No. Cookies are always made fresh and shipped as soon as they are fully set.  I have never had a complaint on freshness of my shipped cookies. 

3) Why are your cookies more expensive than cupcakes? 
Decorated cookies take a LOT of time.  On average, 1 dozen decorated cookies takes about 10 hours to decorate! Add in baking time and design time and it’s closer to 12 hours.  Ingredients like meringue powder and all natural food gels are expensive as well. 

4) Do you have more pictures? 
Yes! You can see many more images on my instagram page @clairescakeco as well as on Facebook